HEAnet TCS (TERENA Certificate Service).

HEAnet is witnessing a need for server certificates in our own organisation and within the education and research community, mainly due to an increased awareness of the need for encrypted channels and the roll-out of authentication and authorisation middleware. The HEAnet Certificate service has been providing no-cost server certificates for the last 2 years to our clients. The server certificates can be used for institution services, including web(HTTPS), email(IMAPS), server authentication and any number of SSL or TLS based services that require trusted certificates.

HEAnet offers Server SSL certificates but also Code signing certificates and client based SSL certificates using the edugate.ie federation and a new HEAnet portal site to upload and manage certificates (https://tcs.heanet.ie).

Further information is available by emailing scs@heanet.ie

What's New

  • HEAnet TCS are now offering code signing certificates and limited personal certificates.
  • HEAnet Server Certificate service Application form, available for Download
  • The existing Server Certificate Service (SCS) provided by GlobalSign BV¬†will continue to run until alongside TCS until 9 April 2010.